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About Dr. Kylie

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My Story

In 1980, I decided to pursue a career in clinical social work with a special focus on the treatment of eating disorders. This was inspired by my own recovery from Binge Eating Disorder.

Stop the Overeating Battle was a short-term therapy group for women who have binge eating disorder. I led ninety-five of these groups beginning in 1985, with ongoing weekly therapy groups that began shortly afterward and continue today.

A focused commitment to providing the best professional care led me, in collaboration with other psychotherapists, to found Psychotherapy Saint Louis and the St. Louis Eating Disorders Network.

I bring the same focus to the community education and graduate level courses I teach at local and national professional conferences. I enjoy speaking to community groups and providing supervision, consultation, and training for therapists, health care professionals, and educators. My expertise covers eating disorders, group psychotherapy, private practice development, and ethics.

I am committed to the Health at Every Size® philosophy, and to promoting the equality of all human beings. I believe that my own progress in controlling my eating and improving my body image is valuable to the people I help.

My Education & Experience

In 1986, I earned a Masters in Social Work degree from Washington University’s Brown School and in 2005, a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Social Work degree from the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago. 

I pursued advanced training in family and group psychotherapy. I update my training and skills every year with advanced level continuing education courses.

My credentials include: Missouri Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Group Psychotherapist, and a Charter Member of the Academy for Eating Disorders. 

My licensing and training provide a solid professional foundation for using scientific and therapeutic skills based on time-tested theory and modern research.

It is possible to recover from Binge Eating Disorder. 

Your problematic eating behaviors subside when you no longer need them.