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Individual Therapy

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Individual Therapy for Adults with Binge Eating Disorder

Private, individual therapy sessions are available for men and women who have binge eating disorder or experience emotional overeating and weight gain.

In a comfortable professional office setting, I listen and help you talk about the problems that have brought you to therapy. We work together to understand what makes it difficult to eat normally. We look into your perceptions and attitudes about weight, shape, and size and how you feel about your body.

Usually, other problems interfere with normal eating and healthy body image. They may include loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, pressures to lose weight, prejudice, oppression, abuse, and relationship problems. 

I do my best to make it easier to discuss and face these painful and embarrassing situations. I am trained to help you cope with these related problems, and find ways to achieve consistent, healthy eating and a positive body image.

Information about fees and insurance is here.

It is possible to recover from Binge Eating Disorder. 

Your problematic eating behaviors subside when you no longer need them.